Our Favourite Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings

Whether you’re a showbiz junkie or couldn’t be less interested in what the stars are wearing, celebrities can serve as an excellent source of inspiration when it comes to vintage engagement rings. For the majority of us, a celebrity jewellery budget is probably out of reach, but buying vintage means buying second-hand – and buying second-hand normally means spending far less money than buying new. Our stunning vintage rings range in price from £230 to £1,990. Suddenly, in considering vintage, the possibility of owning a unique engagement ring like Kate Moss’ is no longer far-fetched.

Are you unsure on metal colour, gemstone or era? Maybe you simply have no idea of where to even begin when it comes to envisaging the perfect engagement ring. Well, look no further – we’ve compiled a list of our favourite vintage celebrity engagement rings to get your creative juices flowing.



The beautiful Jessica Biel made headlines with her engagement to Justin Timberlake, after which she confessed to the world that her fiancé had even better taste than her own, proven by the ring he used to pop the question with: a vintage cushion-cut diamond set in blackened platinum and surrounded by a double diamond halo and aquamarine, Biel’s birthstone. If you’re a fan of cushion-cut stones, you might like our Edwardian Edie ring.



It’s impossible to conceive of anyone forgetting the late Princess Diana and her eldest son, Prince William, helps to keep her memory alive in many ways. One of his finest moments came when he presented his mother’s vintage engagement ring to Kate Middleton in 2010. An oval-shaped blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of pavé diamonds on a white gold band, it was not a bespoke ring, but it is one that has since inspired many copycats. Like Kate and Diana’s iconic sparkler, our stunning Josephine ring boasts an eye-catching sapphire centre stone and a halo of white gold and diamonds.



With her sultry elegance, Penelope Cruz was never going to sport anything other than a ‘Wow!’ piece when it came to her engagement ring. Her vintage gem, which marked her engagement to fellow actor Javier Bardem, features a 3ct deep blue sapphire, set in a flower-shaped halo of diamonds on a tapered yellow gold band. Flower designs were a popular engagement ring characteristic in the Edwardian era. Do you like the cute, feminine petals adorning Penelope's dazzler? Our pretty Constance daisy might be the pick for you.



Only a fashionista like Mary-Kate could rock an opulent vintage 4ct European-cut diamond ring and make it look classic and effortless. Surrounded by a halo of vivid blue, calibre-cut diamonds, single-cut white diamonds and gold petals, this spectacular vintage ring was designed by Cartier in 1953 and bought at a Sotheby’s jewellery auction for $81,250. We love the striking, circular cut of Mary-Kate's rock. Our stylish 20th century Betty ring incorporates an ingenious illusion setting to make its solitaire diamond appear larger and more brilliant. You could flash a shiner similar to Mary-Kate's for a fraction of the cost! 

If you’ve drawn any inspiration from the design elements of these stylish sparklers, the real question now is: Why wouldn’t you go vintage? In offering a pre-loved ring a second lease of life, you can reduce your carbon footprint and achieve a timeless, A-Lister-worthy look all at the same time. Browse our site today.


Our mission? To hunt out vintage engagement rings below £2,000 

Claire Roberts, co-founder of The Vintage Ring Company