When ethical jeweller Arabel Lebrusan and jewellery journalist Claire Roberts first met for a coffee in London, they quickly discovered a shared passion for jewellery from the past.

An award-winning visual artist, ethical jewellery designer under her eponymous studio Lebrusan Studio and creative campaigner, Arabel has dedicated over two decades of her life to jewellery that tells stories. She treats each jewel she designs as a vessel for political, social, environmental and economic change, championing people and planet through traditional craft techniques, exquisite details and responsibly sourced natural materials.

Previously the Managing Editor of online magazine The Jewellery Editor, Claire has always been fascinated by the world of vintage jewellery and is passionate about design, craftsmanship and gems in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Claire & Arabel © Tilda Nowell Photography / © Emma Hare Photography

Quickly, Arabel and Claire’s chat evolved into a discussion about vintage engagement rings, and how buying vintage jewellery in general can be a minefield. How do you know that what you are buying is authentic? Why are there so few places where you can buy affordable vintage engagement rings? Why aren’t more sellers exploring the stories behind these rings, and spreading the news that vintage rings aren’t just lovely to look at, they’re excellent value for money too? 

In 2018, with the help of our business partner Philippe, The Vintage Ring Company was born out of a desire to answer all those questions for you. Combining their shared extensive knowledge of jewellery, decades of industry experience, keen eyes for beautiful things, and passion for environmental sustainability, Arabel and Claire present to you a lovingly hand-picked selection of vintage engagement rings.

They recognise that not everybody has thousands to spend on an engagement ring, but that every bride-to-be deserves an engagement ring that is meaningful and unique. With the help of a third-party valuer, we have priced our broad scope of pre-loved engagement rings honestly, ensuring that originality can be attained on even a tight budget.

To streamline the process, each ring is ready for you to propose with straight away; thoroughly cleaned, independently assessed, repaired where necessary and accompanied by a unique certificate of authenticity.



Environmental sustainability was one of the founding principles of our brand. As we surpass the point of climate emergency, it’s crucial that we alleviate our collective pressure on Planet Earth’s delicate ecosystems and finite natural resources. In the jewellery world, this means reducing demand for the mining of metals and gemstones.

No matter how responsibly sourced, a brand new engagement ring is the product of vast volumes of water, land and energy, causing inevitable and often irreversible damage to the environment.

Choosing a pre-loved engagement ring is embracing a masterpiece that’s already in circulation, avoiding the need for any further mining or production. It’s an opportunity to conserve rather than consume; to celebrate design and craft history and champion resilient precious materials that have stood the tests of time.

To find out more, read our article, Why buying a pre-loved engagement ring is one of the most ethical decisions you will ever make.