The Gorgeous Green Emerald is Trending

Over the past year, emerald engagement rings have been trending at The Vintage Ring Company. This makes me extremely happy because I have always believed that emeralds are such an expressive gemstone, why wouldn’t you choose to wear one every day?


The Bennifer effect

Google searches for “green engagement rings” saw a massive increase after Ben Affleck popped the question to Jennifer Lopez with a green diamond earlier this year. Since green diamonds are incredibly rare, it was only natural that attentions turned to the more accessible emerald, which fits the “green engagement ring” bill perfectly.  

While there is no doubt J.Lo’s 20-years-in-the-waiting engagement has helped raise their profile, the interest in emeralds is part of a wider colour revolution in the world of jewellery. Long eclipsed by diamonds, the demand for coloured gemstones is on the rise. And while the diamond hasn’t been knocked off its top spot – yet – choosing a coloured gem for your engagement ring is increasingly being embraced as a beautiful and bold way to express your creativity.  


Emeralds: the stone of the heart


Why emeralds, and why now? With an elegant, deep green hue that reflects the natural world around us, emeralds are the most calming of the coloured gems. Unlike the ruby, a fiery emblem of passion, the emerald’s symbolism is perfectly in step with the more empathetic way we live our lives today. Long been considered the stone of the heart, an emerald embodies patience and compassion, truth and love, peace and balance - exactly the kind of qualities that we aspire to in our relationships.


The most versatile of the coloured gems


The emerald is a bit of a chameleon. With a fresher look that feels a little less traditional and a lot more individual than, say, a sapphire, emeralds look just as beautiful in a white gold or platinum setting as they do in yellow gold. And if I can get technical for a moment, the human eye has evolved to respond most strongly to yellowish-green light. So that radiant glow that seems to light up an emerald from the inside? We’re born to love it.


Many shades of green


All emeralds are green, but their exact colour ranges from pale green to yellow-green to blue-green. While deep green emeralds are the most prized (and expensive), lighter emeralds can be very attractive. It really comes down to personal preference.


Emerald clarity


Unlike diamonds, inclusions are widely accepted as one of the traits of an emerald and are often considered a desirable feature. These pretty, organic patterns even have a lovely name, jardins, chosen because the inclusions within an emerald commonly resemble moss or plant foliage.  


Where can I buy vintage emerald rings?


There's something uniquely endearing about emeralds, and our customers think so too, which is why we are constantly on the hunt for new vintage emerald engagement rings to add to our collection. Whether you are looking for an emerald centre stone or a more subtle look with emerald accent stones, browse our collection of emerald engagement rings and, if you can't find what you are looking for, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to be alerted to new arrivals. 

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Claire Roberts, co-founder of The Vintage Ring Company