Brand Ethics. The Vintage Ring CoThe founders of The Vintage Ring Company are passionate believers in ethics. They are integral to what we stand for as a brand, and as people.

Co-founder Arabel Lebrusan already runs an award-winning ethical fine jewellery business, and you can read about her commitment to sustainability here. She was one of the first jewellers to use Fairtrade gold in the UK and designs with only responsibly mined diamonds and fair-traded gemstones.

At The Vintage Ring Company we are similarly committed to sustainability. Everyone is aware of the ethical issues surrounding the mining of precious materials, but buying a new ring impacts the planet, regardless of whether the materials used to make it are ethically sourced. Mining for metals and gems consumes a huge amount of water and energy, and causes inevitable and often irreversible damage to the environment.

Choosing a pre-loved vintage or vintage style ring rather than buying a new one is recycling something that has already been made, which means that absolutely no energy has been expended and nobody has been exploited in its creation. This makes our business 100% ethical.

Rather than consuming, our customers are conserving a precious piece of history, and this is a message we want to spread via our brand.

To find out more, read our article, Why buying a pre-loved engagement ring is one of the most ethical decisions you will ever make.