Brand History. The Vintage Ring Co

Ethical jeweller Arabel Lebrusan and jewellery journalist Claire Roberts have come together to curate a collection of vintage and modern vintage engagement rings that are beautifully affordable.

Aware that not everyone has thousands to spend on a vintage engagement ring, but that all brides to be want their ring to be original and unique, they founded The Vintage Ring Company in 2018 to help brides-to-be and their partners buy a ring with a beautiful story attached, even on a tight budget.

An award-winning ethical jewellery designer based in Brighton, Arabel is passionate about sustainability. The fact that vintage engagement rings make a great ethical choice because they are recycled was one of the founding principles of our company.

Previously the Managing Editor of online magazine The Jewellery Editor, Claire has always been fascinated by the world of vintage jewellery and is passionate about design, craftsmanship and gems in all colours, shapes and sizes.

A serendipitous meeting between Arabel and Claire in London sowed the seeds for The Vintage Ring Company. What started out as a conversation about ethics turned into a discussion about vintage engagement rings, and how buying vintage jewellery in general can be a minefield. How do you know what you are buying is authentic? Why are there so few places where you can buy affordable vintage engagement rings? Why aren’t more sellers exploring the stories behind these rings, and spreading the news that vintage rings aren’t just lovely to look at, they’re excellent value for money too? 

In 2018, The Vintage Ring Company was born out of a desire to answer all those questions. On the website you will find a hand-picked selection of sensibly priced vintage engagement rings, all of which have been thoroughly cleaned and, where necessary, repaired, so that they are ready to propose with. Every ring is sold with a third-party certificate of authenticity. 

Please get in contact if you would like to know more about our fledgling company. Together with Philippe Kindelis, our E-Commerce Director, we are a small, friendly team and can personally answer any questions or queries you may have about The Vintage Ring Company.