How we source our engagement rings

We source our rings with the utmost care and attention. For a ring to catch our eye, it must be unique in some way. It might be the design that draws us in, or the gemstones, or perhaps how it has been set, but ultimately, if it’s not well made and of good quality, you won’t be able to purchase it on our website. 

Each ring goes through a rigorous process of checking, cleaning and polishing to ensure that, by the time it reaches you, it is looking its best. We employ a craftsman in London’s Hatton Garden to check the setting of every stone and, where necessary, to fix it. We thoroughly clean every ring to remove any dirt that may have built up over time and polish the gold or platinum to a gleaming shine. Only when we have done all of this do we take it to the Assay Office in London for the creation of a pre-sale report – our Certificate of Authenticity.